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"Elizabeth" Ye Zang

As a MD and VA licensed CPA, Elizabeth has been working in the field of tax and accounting with local, regional and international accounting firms for 15 years. She earned two Masters Degrees in Accounting and Information Systems in 2000 from Northern Illinois University.

Elizabeth is well versed with business taxes with up to $10m gross revenue, including S-Corp., Partnership, C-Corp., LLCs and sole proprietor Sch. C businesses. She is familiar with business taxes with multi-layer structures and multi-state locations. With her strong background in accounting, Elizabeth emphasizes on being proactive and thus heavy in year-end tax planning for small business and its owner’s individual taxes. She helps the owners choose the right type of entity, set up a reliable bookkeeping system as well as adopt the right vehicle to save taxes.

Elizabeth also specializes on taxes for Nonresidents with US sources of income especially in real estate and US Expatriates living overseas as well as foreign business investments in US and FBAR requirements. Her clients are now all over the world.

Elizabeth has a curious mind and keeps learning to make her life interesting. She stays current with the tax law changes and continues to expand her horizon professionally. She also speaks fluent Mandarin.